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Born in a Barn

Martin Luther once compared each human to a pile of dung. Each one of us is as good as a pile of animal dung. We are sinners, we judge, we laugh when we aren’t supposed to, we forget to look out for others, and the like. In God’s eyes, according to Luther, we are dung.

Yet, Christ was born in a barn.

Have you ever been in a barn? Do you know what a barn smells like? If you have, you know that the moment you step into a barn you‘ll know that you’re in the presence of animals and dung.

Dung is that earthly garbage that no one, in their right mind, wants to deal with. Christ was born among it. He so humbled himself, and willingly chose this venue for his birth. Why?

If we are dung, then we are the venue. Christ willingly chose to come into our world! He wanted to shed his light and his love for us. He wanted to transform us from dung to Saints.

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