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Calling Mom

I was driving to go out of town to see family, and things got really slowed down. You know what they say. There’s only 2 seasons in the Midwest: winter and construction.

We went from a 4 lane city interstate down to a 1 lane march of the sloths. It probably took 40 minutes to go 2 miles. What was there to complain about though? The sun was out, I had the windows down, and the music was up.

I let this van in to go ahead of me. She had some bumper stickers I recognized. Ball State University Mom, University of Cincinnati Mom, all of these stickers of places they’ve been to in Florida. The back of her van was practically a family scrapbook. It was interesting to look at and wonder what kinds of adventures and memories this family have had over the years. I wouldn’t have even noticed if the high-pace traffic hadn’t slowed to a hault.

Isn’t that how life usually goes? You don’t really become aware of your surroundings until you slow down, until you stop to smell the roses.

All of the university stickers said “mom” under the schools’ logos. It made me think of my mom. Usually when I get stuck in traffic or I’m on a long drive, I call my mom. She helps the time pass and keeps me alert. I really felt, in this moment, that I should call my mom.

However, I really needed to focus because of the crazy Chicago drivers cutting each other and semis off trying to get down to 1 lane.

I had a bright idea. What if this sudden urge to call my mother was still feasible?

While we were at a stop, I picked up my phone and plugged it into the radio aux chord. I found a YouTube video of people praying the Rosary, and I played it over the speakers. What a difference it made to follow along praying with others.

Calling on my Mama Mary really did help me appreciate my time and she kept me alert. More than that though, she kept me at peace with where I was at. Mary is our heavenly mother, and she loves us just as much as, or maybe even more than, our earthly mothers.

How often do I take to call her? To spend time in her love and presence?

Let us all take time today, and more often in the future, to give our time and hearts to our Blessed Mother. Amen.

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