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Can I get an Amen?

Recently, my mom went to a viewing for a funeral. This also happened to be the same night that she was babysitting a young girl, around the age of 5.

They stayed to pray the rosary, and the young girl did very well and behaved like she was supposed to.

After the rosary, she looked up at my mom and said, "We say 'Amen' a lot."

We just had to precious! Christ tells us to have the faith of a child. There is innocence, yet so much wisdom in children.

There's truth to her declaration! We should say "Amen, I believe" more often than we actually do, and not just say it but mean it.

Before any lesson in Scripture, Christ will say, "Amen Amen, I say to you. . ." He's about to speak a Truth for you to put your faith in, so pay attention!

What Truth is Jesus speaking to you today? How will you respond?

Ponder all things in your heart. Amen.

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