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Updated: Mar 14, 2018

I was making a True/False game at work. I had the whole project planned out. Blue paper for False side of the paddle and yellow paper for True side of the paddle, and write the "F" and the "T" in black marker so that everyone can see it clearly. I cut the squares of each color, and I just grabbed whatever marker was right there and I wrote all of the "F"s and the "T"s. I am an organized person who normally follows the plan once it's set in place. Why did I just randomly grab a red marker and felt totally 100% okay with it instead of feeling a little off that I didn't grab a black marker? (This may seem a little extreme, but welcome to the brain of a perfectionist)

And then it hit me. I wrote over 30 red "T"s. Francis's original red Tau cross was written over 30 times in my office that day. The Spirit was moving and that's why I felt okay with that red marker. St. Francis keeps choosing me, and I am continually given the grace to see that.

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