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Christmas Cards

My Christmas cards this year are black with a chalk drawing of the Nativity Scene and the verse, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world” -John 1:29. I was standing in the store aisle going through the different designs to see which one I wanted to buy. This one in particular really struck me, and I wasn’t sure why...until now.

How beautiful that this Christian card company sold this combination in a card. This verse is read during the Eucharistic prayer of the Mass!

The Eucharist is the meaning of the Incarnation, God becomes flesh to enter into our world fully in order to transform us into pure Love. We had to have the birth of Jesus in order to have had the crucifixion and Resurrection.

Without the birth, we wouldn’t have the Parables, the miracles, the healings, the Apostles, the Church, or a relationship with God that was promised. Without the birth, we wouldn’t have, or experience ourselves, the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

People waited, it is said, 4000 years for Christ’s coming, and now we often take for granted the benefits that we reap from the coming of our Savior.

Because of his birth, we can know him. Not just go to Mass or say written prayers, but truly have a friendship with Jesus. Because of his birth, our eyes have the opportunity to not be distracted by his unsatisfying world anymore and be lifted upwards to what really matters. Because of his birth, we are given gifts and talents to share creatively. Because of his birth, we can experience love in all of its shapes and sizes.

It makes all of the sense in the world to have this Nativity Scene paired with this Bible verse.

And so, I mail out my Christmas cards longing to spread the true message of Christmas. Look in hope to the coming of Christ on Christmas and Christ’s coming again.

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