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Dear Reader

Dear reader,

I had to write this to you. One night as I was reflecting, I turned on some music for inspiration and the Spirit just moved all of these different things in my head. This song has been my anthem for the last month or so.

Before you read any more, look up the music video “Different” by Micah Tyler. The video isn’t significant, just the story in the beginning and the lyrics are. It’s a Christian song, so it may be a little cheesy, but powerful if you let it be.

Find the music video here:

Did you look up the video? If you didn’t, you can’t read on yet! Just look it up!

In his story that he told, Micah and his family were faced with so many bad things all at once. At first, he was the victim and asked God to change these things, but then he realized that he didn’t have to be a victim anymore. In order to get there, though, he would need to change. He asked God to help him change and grow where he needs to, so that he can be Christ’s hands and feet. Then he wrote this song for everyone else to hear. Christ gave him this platform to display his inner change for others to learn from and to grow from.

All of us can relate to this song on some level. I was reflecting on how you would relate to this song with being ill, being stressed, being overwhelmed, being okay with your successes, climbing the ladder, starting a family, getting through studies. There’s no doubt that you’ve felt like the victim at least for a split second, and you have every right to feel that way. But, God is calling us to something higher and bigger than ourselves.

Because of your illness, successes, stresses, and next steps, I have prayed more rosaries than I ever have in my life, I have listened to more Christian music, I have incorporated moments throughout the day for prayer for you. I have seen Jesus so much in you during this time of chaos and joy. Christ will always leave the 99 to go find the lost sheep, and I hope that you feel that way. I sure do at least.

You have also brought numerous people together in prayer. So many people all over the world say intentions and prayers for you. Yes, all of these things were done for you, but look at what it has done for them as well. Because they are offering you as an intention, they say prayers. Because of you, people are praying. You are bringing God into so many peoples’ lives.

You are being given this gift to share! Share your story. Just like you told Jesse and he relayed the message along. That story moved people. That story created feelings of hope and mystery. That story created feelings of faith. That story is your story.

Just as Christ suffered physically on the cross, you too suffer physically, emotionally, spiritually. Christ suffered, died, and resurrected. He arose from that suffering and became victorious over it. This miracle of yours is like your very own Resurrection. You have been given this new life to continue your mission to others in service, comfort, laughter, humanness, authenticity, love, selflessness, bear hugs, and just being you.

You are needed, you are loved, and you are blessed. God is grateful for you. The song I mentioned earlier reminds me that we aren’t alone in any of this. Look forward in hope and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to share your story.

“Do not conform to this pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

-Romans 2:12

Peace to you,

Fellow disciple

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