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Embrace the Leper

February 9, 2017

When I was telling my classmates about my husband being sick, I was told that I have to keep a million miles between us, clean recklessly, and sleep in a different area of the house to ensure that I don't get the same illness. Yes, I am handling all foods, cleaning all surfaces, doing laundry like a crazy lady, and providing supplements, but what happened to also being pastoral and empathetic. Sleeping in the same bed provides a certain level of security and safety, so he sleeps more soundly. Sitting on the same couch under different blankets still connects us as we try to take it easy. Isn't this what Francis taught us with embracing the leper? He lived and served with the lepers and the poor, and God protected him for many years.

For the record I did not get sick, and I am glad that I have some help with the dishes and laundry again!

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