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God Moment!

Have you ever had one of those moments that was so ironic or so coincidental that there is no way that even irony or a coincidence could explain it? That's a God moment!

I definitely had one of those during my week of working the Missionary Disciples Institute, MDI, at Marian University in Indianapolis. I was the Young Adult Track Co-Leaders for the Serve/Diakonia group. The weeks leading up to the institute I was praying for God to give me guidance in how to help lead these young adult high school-ers in the faith. Help me to give them direction as to what discipleship is and how they can live it out in their daily lives.

I prayed especially for St. Paul's intercession. He was the great conversion-ist and evangelizer of his time (and even still today in our time I would argue). His letters in the New Testament of the Bible give us a skeleton or a framework, if you will, for how to be disciples of Christ. I needed all of his help to truly be Christ's voice, hands, and feet for the week.

I was asked on the second day of the Institute to be interviewed about what MDI means for our young adult generation in the Church among other questions. For those of you who know me, when I gave that yes of "Oh sure, I can do that!" On the inside I was silently freaking out. I am one of those people who would rather be in front of people in a small-group setting or just behind the scenes in general. The thought of any part of my voice or face representing this Institute that is far bigger than myself just riddled me with nerves. However, God calls us to share His name and glory in all ways possible. Why would I fear?

In all honesty, I still feared. I prayed that the Holy Spirit give me peace and the words to say, and I prayed that St. Paul be with me. St. Paul, intercede for me so that I may receive the wisdom of the Spirit and the wisdom of Christ in these next few moments of evangelization, Amen.

As I walked into the make-shift studio, I was handed a microphone to clip onto my shirt. After I was settled, the camera man introduced himself.

"Oh hi. I'm the camera guy that will be asking a few questions and formulating this small discussion. My name is Paul."

Can you BELIEVE that his name is PAUL? I have been praying for St. Paul to be with me for weeks, and here he is. My fears melted away. I don't even remember half of what I said during that interview, but I just said whatever filled my heart.

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