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Hospital Host

I have been visiting a man in the hospital. This man has been having internal issues to where he is solely on a clear-liquid diet. I asked if he wanted me to bring him the Eucharist on Easter, and he decided that he wanted to try. On Easter morning, he contacted me to let me know that receiving the host wouldn't be a good idea because he needs to be persistent with his clear-liquid diet to get better. I truly respect his decision. My heart bleeds for the man because he is not able to physically receive Jesus in the host as he suffers day in and day out like Jesus during his Passion and death on the cross.

Later in the week when I went to go visit him, the nurse that was taking care of him had a very beautiful necklace on. As she moved around the hospital bed taking vitals, I got a better glance at the silver chain draped around her neck and I was able to see the pendant more clearly. Silver outlined a circular shape and in the center was a simple cross. Her pendant looked like a silver, fossilized host. This man couldn't receive the Eucharist, but the Eucharist came to him in the form of a nurse. Jesus is all around us; we just have to keep our eyes peeled.

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