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Immaculate Conception

In Bishop Barron’s daily Gospel reflection emails for December 8, 2018, he wrote this:

”Here’s the liberating paradox: passivity before objective values is precisely what makes life wonderful. Allowing oneself to be invaded and rearranged by objective value is what makes life worth living. And this applies unsurpassably to our relationship with God. The message that your life is not about you does indeed crush the false self that would bend the whole world to its purposes, but it sets free the true self.

The Immaculate Conception itself is concealed in the privacy of salvation history, but the effects of it are on clear display in this Gospel. In the presence of the supreme value, we ought to say, along with Mary, ’Be it done unto me!’”

Abandon. Living with abandon. Dying of the false self so that God can take over. Life isn’t about me. I am here for others.

In that, we discover our true selves in God.

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