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Little Blue Prayer Book

At our women's retreat weekend, I gave a witness on Sunday morning about Scripture. Leading up to it, I was getting really anxious and nervous. I decided to skip the table activity that was right before my talk, so I could go help with some sorting and get changed. After getting changed and sitting in the chapel for a few minutes I realized that I had plenty of time and I could've stayed at my table to do the activity, but I am so happy that I took the extra time in the chapel to center myself.

I had some silence to really ask the Holy Spirit to come upon me and to give me the words to say. After a few minutes, I decided to go look at our make-shift altar and all of the sacred objects that everyone had brought. One in particular stuck out to me--a little blue prayer book. I walked up to it and read the page it was open to.

The prayer on that page was all about Scripture and how God equips the called. The page could've been about anything at all, but it was Scripture. I could've walked up to any sacred item, but I didn't. God specifically led me there to be comforted.

I later found out that the beautiful woman who brought the little blue prayer book spent some good time going through the prayer book searching for the perfect page to leave it open to for our weekend. God answered my prayer through her.

Before I even began my talk that Sunday morning, I told everyone this story and they were just as surprised and amazed as I was. I was gifted the little blue prayer book to remember that little blue miracle that day.

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