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No Ordinary Miracle

On April 13, the men’s club of my home parish came together with a few others who wanted to join to say a rosary for my dad. My husband and I were Facetimed in to say the rosary with them, and my classmates also said the rosary on their own. Who knows how many people actually prayed for my dad at that time; I am sure that it spread by word of mouth.

That day was a bad day for my dad in the hospital. He had just returned back to a normal room instead of being in the ICU, but he was having terrible bathroom trips and was exhausted. Later that night, he had some normal bathroom trips, which hasn’t happened for two months.

The doctors came in that next morning with smiles from ear to ear. The doctors were in shock. My dad’s condition is so severe that they wanted to get him stable enough for surgery. They have never seen someone with a level of inflammation at a 10 go down to a 4 overnight. They have literally never seen someone have that much improvement over night.

There is also no coincidence that April 13 is the anniversary of my grandmother, my dad's mother, passing. We were praying to Mama Mary through that communal rosary, but also to Grammy, to watch over their son.

On April 11, my dad had a near-death experience.

On April 13, we prayed the rosary and there was a breakthrough.

On April 18, he went home from the hospital to begin the long road to recovery.

Thank you, Jesus, for healing. Thank you, Mama Mary, for being with us and with my dad during this process. Thank you, God, for miracles.

Jesus, we trust in you.

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