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Poor Student's Contribution

At work this week, a poorer family came in to register their kids late for our program. There were 3 different adults, who were siblings, that brought all of their kids for Religious Education so that the cousins could get formed together. It was touching to see that even though they don't have much money to offer, they understand how important faith is. I got them all registered and on our volunteer list, and then we led the kids to their classroom.

Later on while classes are in session, I go around to collect the attendance sheets. From one of the folders fell one of the donation envelopes. On the outside of each envelope is a Saint and their story, and on the other side are questions about who they are praying for this week and why.

The child had put $1.00 in the envelope and wrote that he gave the dollar in honor of his sister who was crying. He also wrote that he was praying for all of those who couldn't go to school.

The only brother-sister pair that we have in that classroom are the siblings from the poorer family. Not only does he give all that he has, but he sees the others that are less fortunate than him and he prays for them. My heart was so touched.

This reminded me of the story of the poor widow from Luke 21:1-4, who gave all she had while all the other people only gave a coin or two and saved the rest for themselves.

We must learn to have faith like a child and to give our whole livelihoods for others in Christ's name.

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