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Siena, why do you follow me?

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

For some reason, Siena has really come up a lot in passing and in conversation. During a parent meeting, the Eucharistic miracle that they showed was the one in Siena; that's where everything began. I was handing out envelopes for collection, which each of them has a Saint and their story on the cover. The only envelope left over was St. Catherine of Siena. I was bored and decided to watch the Italian special on PBS, and the whole hour was about Siena's history and heritage. I also follow Rick Steves as I dream of traveling as much as he does, and his latest episode that week was also about Siena. We had a little formation night at work, and I met someone who is also in classes for Spiritual Direction but they attend Siena Retreat Center in Wisconsin. All of these things occurred within the same 10 days, and it continues.

Let's see what message comes out of all of these Siena mysteries.

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