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I was in the middle of my thoughts trying iron out the details of a project at work. Someone knocks on the door, which startles me and forces me to take a break.

At the door was a representative from National Geographic. He asked if he could leave me with a sample of a lesson to give to our teachers to see if they’d like to use it for their curriculum. I may work in a school building, but the school actually closed a handful of years ago. He was shocked and unaware at what I had told him, and added that he needs to update his records.

I thought that that was the end of our conversation as we stood in the doorway with a cold winter breeze escaping the icy world into the soothing heat of the building.

He then goes on to ask me if the Adoration chapel is still open and if he could stop in for a minute or two. “Do you mind if I use the Adoration chapel while I’m here?”

That took me aback. I wondered about his story and his relationship with the school. He was saddened by the closing of the school and he knew that there was an Adoration chapel, and he wanted to use it!

When he first knocked on the door, I was a little frustrated that I was in the middle of my thoughts and had to pause for whoever was behind the door. The story ended with an unexpected joy of Adoration and a feeling of refreshment.

Now it was time to return to my project with a new perspective.

It may have been a routine stop for this representative, but he brought God back into my eyes and my heart so I could remember why I was working on this project to begin with.

God works in mysterious ways.

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