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What is Spiritual Direction?

I get asked a lot, "What is Spiritual Direction?" Here is my attempt at explaining:

Before I go on about what it is, you must know that Spiritual Direction is different for everyone. Part of Spiritual Direction is that we walk this journey of life and faith (whatever that means for you) together. Each person's life is walked differently, so each us will experience spiritual direction a little differently.

Let us first mention what spiritual direction is not. Spiritual direction is not counseling, a coffee clatch, or catching up as friends. I am not here to solve issues or offer advice per se. I am here to listen, to suggest, to challenge, and to walk with you in life. This isn't a friend conversation where there is sharing of experience and solutions in a back and forth movement; the focus during spiritual direction is YOU. We pause from our busy life and we unplug together to talk and to delve deeper into who you are as you're you-est you.

I am here as someone listening with trained ears. We are often time our own biggest critics. If you're story that you want to share on any given day is negative or positive, is about work or family, is about prayers or dreams, we are going to find those common threads through time. God (whatever that means for you) is there in your story and I can help you find Him.

It is so easy to see how messy our world is: politics, immigration and refugee crisis, finances, power, creation destruction, not enough jobs for those with degrees, work/family life, loneliness. God created this world for greatness, not chaos. Our parents created us, and we have pieces of them within us in the way that we look and behave. God as Creator created us and the world too, which means that God is in you and He is in the world. You just need the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

As a spiritual director, I will see God in you and in your story that you share. I put on the lenses and hearing aids to see God in you, to see your growth and potentials, and to see your soulfulness.

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