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Your Garden

I was working on painting a few canvases as a gift, and decided to take a mental break to make some tea. The tea that I like have little hippie quotes on each tea tag. The quote on this particular tea tag really inspired me to change my whole route of creativity towards creation and my creating. Through reflection and creative creation, I found this poem inside of my heart poured out in canvas form.

"A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul" -Saadi

To find our balance, must we be like a garden.

Water of the rains and light of the sun nourish the seed of our souls.

Time moves the sapling to burst from within us.

Oscillating in the breeze, absorbing the heat waves,

and drawing in the drops to grow.

Transformation in experience of space and breath.

Only then can we release our colors and

blossom our beauty in the world.

Only then have we found our true center.

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